For all seasons, these silk scarves are the perfect accessory to any outfit. Each scarf is carefully designed with coordinated hand dyed colors. And each has one turquoise thread somewhere in the warp. Hand dyed and woven on a floor loom, the tabbies create a colorful patterning of warp and weft colors. And because they are 100% silk, they breathe, keeping you warm in a chill and cool against a summer breeze. The Tabbies, a bit longer, lighter, narrower than The Twills, are feather weight and supple, sensuously draping around your neck, making a bold statement about quality. They complement almost any wardrobe.

I put threads on the loom for only two scarves and each is woven with a 315 thread warp.  

An eye-lash fringe makes it great for any occasion and are great looking on both men and women.  Please hand wash separately; machine or line dry. May be ironed.

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Please click images for a closer look.  The below represent my changing pieces. Updates are made as new work is completed.