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The Ladies came to me as I was weaving a copper screen for a hanging. I began my career weaving natural cotton; moved onto dyeing, then to silk—all wearables. I was even spinning wool. As I took a booth breather one evening during a show,  I noticed one of the artists had taken garden-house variety screening and created some sort of vessel (the exact type has left memory). It got me to thinking about what I did, why I did it, and that I hadn’t reached the end of my exploration. I was a weaver; why couldn’t I weave wire? And so my time with copper. But I missed doing wearables. “The Women I Know”…The Ladies, combining hand dyed, hand spun wool and alpaca, woven copper, beading and all hand stitched, including the silk linings are an amalgamation of skills, resources, and research.

These archival vests are for show, for wear, for conversation, display and fun and are for discounted for this retirement “party”.  For more information, please email.