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I weave the wire using the loom on which I began my journey…an inflexible medium, a fluid application, a comfortable peace. Once woven, the precious metal “mesh” is treated with chemical patinas and waxed.

I am further humbled by Mother Earth, her beauty and her bounty, which surround my mountain home. My paths travel away from the trodden ruts, to the roots, fallen branches, burls that now lie dormant, unnoticed. After hours debarking, chiseling, sanding, oiling, the pieces emerge from their mud-encrusted coffins to dictate their woven partners. The process and the resulting construct seem to silence the noise of the mundane.

Myriad results form juxtaposition between hard and soft, copper wire and undulating woven mesh—flowing woven ribbons with the stillness of the wood bodies. It is this challenge, the weaving mystical beauty of something born of the earth, unforgiving yet at peace, causing a stasis of being, uncovering what has been buried, which races through my mind, moves my hands.