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T&TThese special pastel scarves are all handwoven, using entirely hand-dyed silk. The weave is a pattern combination of both Tabby and Twill weaves.  Each has one turquoise thread somewhere in the warp. Woven on a floor loom, they create a prism of color and design. And because they are 100% silk, they breathe, keep you warm in a chill and cool against a summer breeze. Soft and supple, they sensuously drape around your neck and make a bold statement about elegance. They complement almost any wardrobe. Unisex with a 1” eye-lash fringe. Please hand wash separate; machine or line dry. May be ironed. Originally woven in a limited edition of two, these are the remaining scarves in my collection.

Approximately 11″ x 80″


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