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18″ Neckwear [page 4 of 5]


Neckwear was created out of one of the three different weave patterns—Tabby, Twill, or T&T. They are triple layered 100% silk with either a 2″ fringe or loops. Lengths are from end to end (not including the fringe or loops). Buttons are handcrafted in maple or walnut. Inventory limited to what is shown.

To find the right fit:
For a straight neck fit, measure loosely around your neck. Add approximately 5″.
For draping effect, Add approximately 7″. 

14-tabby weave/2 button
15-twill weave/2 button
16-twill  weave/1 button
17-twill weave/2 button
18-tabby weave/2 button






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