Enjoy an explosion of color with these one-of-a-kind double sided hand dyed and hand woven silk scarves. Only two available, each side featuring a variety of different color swatches blended to catch the eye. And each features a droop pocket at the scarf end. Heavier than the single sided tabby woven scarves, you’ll make a bold statement complementing any outfit for any occasion.

 Please hand wash; line dry.

For more information, please contact me.



First Face

Purples, greys with black accents
Maroon, green, hint of pink with black accents
One droop pocket.

Approximately 12″ x 72″




Second Face

Turquoise, orange, blue, and grey with black accents
Gold, burnt orange, and rusts with black accents
Two droop pockets.

Approximately 12″ x 72″