For those who want a little or a lot of color around their neck but don’t want to wait until winter, I created “Buttons.” Fringed and Looped are approximately 3.75″ wide, in four lengths—16″, 18″, 20″, and 22″ (1 button only) from tip to tip (not including the 2″ fringe on the fringed pieces). Each is designed with coordinated hand dyed colors. They are  woven in either a tabby, twill, or combination pattern. And because they are 100% silk, they breathe like the scarves, keeping you warm in a chill and cool against a summer breeze . . . but they only envelop your neck once, adding that touch of different for any wardrobe.

Edges are hand-stitched with fine silk thread. For both men and women.

Buttons are either walnut or maple  (Crafted Glory Buttons, Asheville, NC)

This is just the beginning. For more information and pricing, please get in touch.