The ladies—Babette, Beatrice, Olivia, Prudence, Ruby, and Whitley—are a limited edition weaving series of vests. They are the result of my exploration into weaving with materials other than actual fibers and each an artwork for display and/or limited wear. These were handwoven on my floor loom using copper wire as warp (those “fibers”  put onto the loom and into which other fibers are inserted) and my hand spun wools and alpaca. Unlike the much of my hand-spun weft threads, copper wire has almost no tensile strength under tension. Also, unlike weft thread when snapped, the wire not be “knotted” back together.  Working with the copper was challenging, but the outcome rewarding. When woven with my hand-spun fibers, the result was superlative.

All sewing was done by hand, both linings and embellishments. 

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